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In Tonatiuh Arte en Metal

We have inherited from our ancestors the ability, patience and the acknowledge, we have blended all those with modern technologies in order to create an incredible variety of pieces whose ingenuity and beauty shows to the world our particular vision of nature

Tonatiuh  Arte en Metal combine traditional blacksmith techniques with regular plasma cutting machine and the old ways to work on clay, blown glass, ceramics, leather, wood in order to achieve imaginative new functional and beautiful pieces.


Thanks very Much

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Youtube ChannelVideos

Visit our Channel in YouTube and suscribe, we will show you the production process our pieces got trough, from the simple and humble iron sheet to the shining and beautiful product painted by hand.

Go to YouTube.....

Plasma Cut

Relatively new technique for metal cutting,  Plasma machine rises...



It is the time for a very skillful welder to join the delicate metal sheet to the rough metal structure, doing so we´ll get the complete  figure, whole volumen an proportions....